07 April 2013

Beautiful Sacrifice

Easter Sunday in Seattle was a gorgeous spring day. It happened just when cherry blossoms were at their fullest, and barely starting to fall.

I had some quiet moments between our services at Ballard High School.  What a picture it was, the gorgeous blue sky, trees bursting with blossoms, and light breezes would gently shake the delicate petals from the branches.  The Japanese believe that cherry blossoms are most beautiful at the moment when they fall to the ground.

The metaphor for Jesus' sacrifice had escaped me in the past, but in that moment I sat it a moment of profound awe.

Later, I shared some wonderful fellowship with some brothers and sisters, where I ate my very first "little chick" deviled eggs! (Very appropriate for Easter, except for the name, ha!)

28 January 2013

Lovely website!

This is a beautiful website.

One of my design instructors once said, "A big part of design is just making a set of decisions."

This is a good example of seeing the layout decisions someone made. It mimics a print magazine, but still easy to navigate. The typeface choice seems fitting to the content. The lovely photos certainly help, too.

20 March 2012

“Hello Again,” and Creativity

Hello again, enjoythescenery.  I’ve missed you.

I have also missed being more creative. I am hoping to take a Typography Level 2 class at a local art school. Had to send some samples. Flipping through my portfolio, I found Vivienne, my second-ever project using Adobe Illustrator. I like her. And for someone who has had a very small number of drawing lessons (I think 3), I can sort of draw!
 You can see a few more things here.

I have also been researching digital pianos for months. Bought one, had second thoughts, researched further, and I think it is going to be the Yamaha P-155. Oh, Yamaha. How I love your pianos.

After that, I really must find the right expression for singing, playing, just making music!

05 November 2011

Fall Days

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05 May 2011

Nothin’ says Spring like the Skagit Valley Tulips!

Satiny, shimmery gorgeousness

Matthew, the REAL photographer of the day
 This dried-up mud was BOUNCY, like that synthetic material they use for playground surfaces!
Hey you, it's me!

Time for school?

Love this one.

This image is my desktop wallpaper now.