16 September 2007

House Makeover

We had a little party to celebrate our place.

Click to see this album of some BEFORE and AFTER photos!

My House_Before and After

11 September 2007

Meet my new Nephew!

Henry West Pratt was born on September 7th. Isn't he sweet?

04 September 2007

Some Band Names

Ok, here's the follow-up I promised:

Heavy Metal= Medieval Weapon + President Name
Battleaxe Jackson; Catapult Pierce

Death Metal= Nickname + Internal Body Part
Snookum Spleen; Scar Mastoid

Alt/Indie Rock= an element + (part of) classic book title
Wind of the Baskervilles; Europium Gables

Country= City + Pet's Name
Rabbit Hash Rover; Tallahassee Yeller

HipHop= famous landmark + garden tool
Macchu Picchu Hoe; Taj Mahal Weeder

Boy Band= mode of transportation + flower name
Bowrider Cornflower; Skateboard Snapdragon