29 January 2009

Snow Cream!

I took advantage of the abundance of snow the other day to make Snow Cream, from my Granny's recipe!

Since it was just two of us, I went for a half recipe.

I mixed together:
1 egg (first beat white, then add beaten yolk)
1/2 c sugar
1.5 T flour
1/2 small can evaporated milk
1 t vanilla
small can crushed pineapple

Then I brought in a dishpan full of the fresh snow (fresh is key--it doesn't work if it's old or icy).

I started stirring this snow into the above mixture, kind of fast to avoid meltage:

When the mixture can't "take" any more snow, you're done! I ate 4 bowls of it (drizzling some of the extra evaporated milk on top) and shivered for the next couple of hours--it's a lot colder than ice cream! Yummy, though.

07 January 2009

Road Trip Snack (in Thailand)

Going back through my photos, I found some that would make for interesting posts. Here's one of my favorite snacks as I traveled from Chiang Mai to Mae Sai, where I had to cross the border into Burma about every 2 months or so.

It's sticky rice steamed inside of bamboo! Slightly sweet, and there are several variations on the type of rice and the flavoring. Just peel back the bamboo and dig in! And the container is biodegradable.