04 May 2009

Hong Kong: Downtown

And finally, a few downtown shots!



Every evening they have a 15-20 minute light show with those moving spotlight things and a bunch of the taller buildings do fun light things, too! It's set to music like fireworks shows in the US. Pretty cool.


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01 May 2009

Hong Kong: Ocean Park

Ocean Park has sea creatures, pandas, some amusement-park rides, and and a cable car that connects the two parts of the park! I even got to ride my favorite ride, those things that take you way up high and drop you. It was especially terrifying because we were on a hill overlooking the bay. So exciting! Here are some other shots.




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Hong Kong: Cheung Chau Island

I visited Cheung Chau Island, which is a fishing community. There are no cars on this island!


Ruth and I visited a little tea shop with another friend. You get to taste several kinds. This one is aged 8 years, as the man proudly told us:



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