28 February 2009

Just Arrived...

...in China. Arriving at 11pm on a Sunday, my friend met me and we took a taxi to her house where we had to lug my bags up to the 6th floor. The next day I moved to my own place, so we lugged them again up 5 floors.

I was so out of breath, but later realized I'm even out of breath without the heavy bags--which I suppose is normal for being suddenly transported to an altitude of 6000 feet. They say you'll accimatize 95% in the first 6 weeks, but 100% takes up to 6 months!

The apartment complex I'm staying at for now. The nearest tall grey building ("Good World, building D") is where the new design office will be. Just a 5-minute walk from here.

My language school is also only a 5-minute walk! It's a good location.
Here you see how tea is often served... with the whole leaves sitting in the cup! Since they're whole (higher quality!), you don't need a tea bag.

And finally, similar to Thailand, I guess folks here will carry just about anything on a motorbike! (It's a one-seater couch.)

07 February 2009

Probably the Best Haircut I've Ever Had

Styled straight by the professional:

...or allowed to air-dry by me:

03 February 2009