30 April 2010

Unexpected Walk

On Sunday I went to church and ended up going on a spontaneous walk... for 4 1/2 hours! In my skirt and little dressy shoes! In the woods and fields! It was great. Here are some of the sights.



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26 April 2010

Don't You Know You're Beautiful

New music video from the Cincinnati band Seabird!

23 April 2010

London Outing Part 2 - The British Museum

Yeah, the British Museum! It's free, like so many museums in London. Free is good.

Cool Pict carving, 7th century AD

Gift or prize shield, late 1400s

Old clock, late 1500s

Older clock, EARLY 1500s

What the heck?

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21 April 2010

London Outing Part 1

Walked past St. Paul's Cathedral...


On the way to the Tate Modern. There I saw lots of great art, including some by Kandinsky. See this animation of one of his pieces!

Then, a fire on the Millenium bridge...


...diverted us to the nearest Tube station which was then closed due to a "suspect package" being found! So we walked on...


Passing a cool market I'd like to go back and visit on the weekend!


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And we finally arrived at The British Museum.

[to be continued]

19 April 2010


Spent time on Gorgeous Saturday at the OTHER neighboring city of Luton.

Relaxing in the square...

Taking fun photos...



And, after being indecisive about eating, finally sat down at this Italian place. I thought it was cute that they gave us MORE than the designated 175ml of wine in our glasses!

(See the line marking the correct amount? And Doris' glass had more too, she had already taken a sip by the time I got my camera to work correctly!)

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18 April 2010

Spring Flowers in England!

Despite the volcanic eruption in Iceland, we've been having clear skies and gorgeous weather! Some lovely flowers are dotting the landscape around town.





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10 April 2010

St. Albans

Although I'm staying in Harpenden, my first post will be of a neighboring city!

Had some free time today and ran (or took the train, rather) to St. Albans. Apparently, what makes a city a city is that it has a cathedral! It's not related to the population. Thus, Harpenden: no cathedral; not a city. St. Albans? Cathedral. City!

I love these "interrupted" photos sometimes!

Modern street, but you can imagine some of these buildings looking just like this in the days before cars...

Neat church, although NOT the cathedral mentioned above...

...and of course, a pasty (PAST-ee) for lunch!

08 April 2010

Easter with The Fam

The kids...

...and Papa!