30 August 2007

funny Thai proverb

I learned a new Thai saying today.

I'd bought a rather nice guitar after months of deliberation, only to realize upon bringing it home that I am really a piano player at heart, and should have bought a piano instead. I've been trying to sell it for close to the price I paid, but the best and only offer I've had is for about $160 lower than I paid.

I told my Thai teacher I'm probably going to sell it to this guy because "at least his offer is better than nothing!"

She replied, กำขี้ดีกว่ากำตด (gam kii dii gwaa gam tod).

Translated, it's "Better to grasp poo than a fart," meaning at least you have something in your hand.


28 August 2007

Kind People

The other day a Thai man was walking along with a bunch of Lamyai, a Thai fruit. He offered me some. (and NOT in a "hey, little girl, want some CANDY?" way, either.)

Then today, one of the red pick-up taxi drivers offered me a ride, free of charge. They usually honk at every foreigner to get them as customers, so I was really surprised by this!

Also, if you ever fall down or have some kind of accident, people will run to help you. It's a very nice feeling.

24 August 2007

Band Name Formulas

OK, I'm a sucker for these kinds of games. Brings back memories of "Mad Libs" and road trip games...

Try writing your own, and I'll post some ideas next time!

Heavy Metal= Medieval Weapon + President Name
Death Metal= Nickname + Internal Body Part
Alt/Indie Rock= an element + (part of) classic book title
Country= City + Pet's Name
HipHop= famous landmark + garden tool
Boy Band= mode of transportation + flower name

16 August 2007

Her Majesty the Queen in Chiang Mai

One Thai person wrote this:

"Wednesday night Queen Sirikit of Thailand visited Chiang Mai, attending a Christian funeral at the 1st Church of Chiang Mai. One of her beloved Christian workers in the Royal Project recently died of a car accident. The Queen was so touched to hear the Christians singing a song about Thailand and how the country was very dear to our hearts. She said she sensed how much the Thai Christians love the Nation of Thailand. I was blessed by her majesty's comment. I believed it was a real encouragement for her to see that at this very hour of all the killings going on in the southern provinces."

Also, "Buddhist activists, upon hearing Her Majesty the Queen's speech this past Saturday that Buddhism should be free of politics, have decided to stop their push to have the new constitution grant state religion status to Buddhism."

06 August 2007

I Was on the Radio!

There's an English radio show called "Helping Hand" on 93.25. I was a guest last Wednesday, and may be doing it again! Fun.

04 August 2007

Watching Out for...

Dengue Fever.
There's an outbreak here in Thailand and SE Asia. In one family I know of, they all had it! I'm trying not to get bit by mosquitoes...

01 August 2007

Canvas on YouTube

My friend Dave has posted a performance of our old singing group, Canvas, singing "The Simpsons." Unfortunately, I am not in the video as that particular performance took place right after I left Seattle, but I did sing this many times with the group!

Alas, in Thailand YouTube is still blocked because the incident I describe in my entry The Good King, but I've heard it has received many good comments, so check it out: CANVAS singing "The Simpsons."