05 November 2011

Fall Days

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05 May 2011

Nothin’ says Spring like the Skagit Valley Tulips!

Satiny, shimmery gorgeousness

Matthew, the REAL photographer of the day
 This dried-up mud was BOUNCY, like that synthetic material they use for playground surfaces!
Hey you, it's me!

Time for school?

Love this one.

This image is my desktop wallpaper now.


31 March 2011

Wedding Snapshots

My cousin Lauren with Paul, the happy bride & groom!
Henry and me
Kids in motion
Kids behind the camera! Love it.

12 March 2011

20 February 2011

Eat Your Veggies

A few weeks ago I was visiting Sequim ("Skwim" for you non-Washingtonians!).
I was really impressed by a local supermarket therem although I forgot its name.

But just look at these beautifully stacked, colorful, glorious vegetables!
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17 February 2011

It's official!

See here evidence that I (or at least my car) is now a resident of the great state of Washington!


I am awaiting my new driver's license in the mail, and soon will be a library card acquisition.

It's so strange how much this place feels like home, even with my family 2500 miles away (hello family! I love you!).

As a single adult in my 30's, it's not easy to figure out what or where is HOME. But for now, it's here in Seattle, where I have many wonderful friends, a church home, and gorgeous mountains to observe and to hike into.

Thank you, Lord, for making it possible for me to make a home here again. I look forward to another season in Seattle and all the fun annual or ongoing events around here. Such as:

Sharla's and Rachel's annual after-Christmas re-gifting party
Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
Sharla's annual spring clothing swap
Ferry rides
Bethany Community Church
Live music around the city
Seattle International Film Festival
Randomly running into people I know at Greenlake and elsewhere
Twisted Flicks
Beautiful sunsets
Gorgeous autumn weather
Great restaurants

...and so much more.
Hooray for Seattle!

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15 February 2011

My Valentine - 2011

LOCATION: Wendi and Sam's house

MY DATE: Zeke, a very handsome and good-natured two-year-old.

DINNER: Chinese takeout for the four of us.
DESSERT: Creme brulee.

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11 January 2011

Epic Road Trip with my Brother, October 2010

Back in October my brother Cason drove with me from Cincinnati to Seattle. A big thank you to my sister-in-law Danielle and the 3 kids for sparing him for 6 days! It was a very special time.

Mt. Rushmore, SD

The Badlands, SD

Devil's Tower, WY

At Yellowstone, Cason tried to catch a photo of this up-close bison, but we had the camera set on video!

Yellowstone, WY

For those who want to see more, here's the entire album.

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10 January 2011

NYE Masquerade Ball 2010

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