31 May 2007

Convenient Shopping

Let's see, what's on my shopping list for today? I want to buy a guitar, a motorcycle helmet, and a TV...So I guess I'll be stopping at the guitar-helmet-TV shop!

Thailand is so conveniently organized. =)

26 May 2007

Fun Eats

24 May 2007

Don't worry...

Some of you were a bit concerned, but really this is all I was trying to say.

Here is a somewhat related quote, found here:

"Real solutions don't fit on bumper stickers."

11 May 2007

Is the Internet my Idol?

No, I don't worship the internet or pray to it.

I don't sing songs of devotion to it.

But, lately I've been noticing how often I go to the internet, not only for information but for ANSWERS.

The internet can't tell me what to do with my life, or help me become more like Jesus, or introduce me to my future spouse. And yet, I seem to go there when I have some big question marks in my life.

Why don't I go to GOD? He is the only All-Knowing One, and also One who loves me (the internet certainly does not!).

My only answer is that I am lazy. I am impatient. When I go to God, he often does not have instant answers or offer instant relief of my pain or confusion.

And yet, He offers peace, hope, true unconditional love.

While the internet can tell me a phone number, when the next eclipse is coming or how to spell paraphernalia, it is certainly limited in terms of spirutal and real-life direction.

I would do well to seek my ANSWERS from He who created and understands all things.