30 June 2010

Warm English Home

I got to know this lovely couple through the church I attended while staying here... they invited us to a meal last Sunday and I took a few photos!






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17 June 2010

Malvern Hills, Worcestershire

Beautiful hills and green.


Paragliders hanging out.

Fresh spring water.


My friend Rachel among the bluebells.

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15 June 2010

Misunderstood Compliment

My friend from Germany spoke to me in the cafeteria the other day.

SUE: You look like an Elf.
ME: [picturing one of Santa's little helpers in my mind] Oh. uh....

SUE: Isn't that right? Those beautiful creatures in Lord of the Rings?
ME. Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Um, thank you!

03 June 2010

More exploring

The Powder Room. Go here to get ready for a date or dressy event after work! They'll do your hair and makeup, and you can even borrow an outfit! The whole shop had a cute 50's look, even the stylists.

Wilty but kinda shabby chic flowers at a little Italian hole-in-the-wall

Tower Bridge. You can see the Tower of London (the 1000-year-old castle) in the far background.

Couple in the rain (photo by Doris)

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02 June 2010


We had a huge party here on Sunday, the community around the YWAM base was invited. BBQ, volleyball, bouncy castles... and SUMO suits!

Here I am with Doris... we had a hilarious time.

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