14 August 2009

Nostalgia: Old Japanese Cartoons

Here are some favorite cartoon theme songs from when I was growing up.

Tetsuwan Atomu ("Astro Boy" in America)

Candy Candy


Sally the Witch

05 August 2009

Canvas on The Simpsons

10 years ago I was in a singing group in Seattle called Canvas. We did an arrangement of the theme song to The Simpsons, and it was one of our fans' favorites.

I found out recently that they featured a video of this in the closing credits of Season 20 Episode 18 aired in April of this year (our bit begins at 20:45).

I am not in this video, unfortunately, because I'd left Seattle at that point to be with my dad before he died. This was a video of Canvas' final concert. The girl 2nd from the left was my replacement for that time.

Go to the Canvas/Simpsons site to see Simpsonesque caricatures of everyone, and to hear/purchase our CD (which DOES feature my voice!).

Very fun stuff!