04 December 2010

Social Dancing

Surely social dancing is one of the most delightful, wholesome settings in which to meet people! As a woman, it's wonderful to have multiple gentlemen asking you to dance in the evening. And I do say gentlemen because they will approach, ask if I wish to dance, and then escort me to an open space on the dance floor. I especially like it when the dashing man offers me the crook of his arm.

The dancing is fun, even though I'm just learning, and everyone is so happy, smiling, getting a workout...

Then the gentleman thanks the lady and escorts her back to where he first invited her.

Would that more men and women would learn dancing, and regularly particpate in such gatherings! The men get to dance with lovely ladies who will always say "yes" when asked, and the women get the pleasure of being invited to spend a few moments in the company of a dashing gentleman.

Seattle offers so many venues for social dancing and lessons! I hope to spend more time enjoying this lovely pastime here.

02 December 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

I've been SO thankful for my friends Wendi and Sam, for providing a warm, temporary home for me here in Seattle. And I have a sweet new friend in their son, Zeke!

And then it was GREAT to see my dear friend Lisa... you have to see us in our partially-borrowed-gear look! The colors... the colors...

'Twas a bit thin and grassy by then, but it was still a blast sledding at a park in Moses Lake, Washington!

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09 November 2010

Forever Greenlake

I never get tired of going for a walk around Greenlake. Even when it's cold and rainy, there's something about this 2.8-mile path around a lake just minutes from downtown... inhabited by various birds and waterfowl, and then of course all the people. You'll see everything from an iron-man type in training to a little Chinese grandma out for her daily exercise. People walking their dogs, friends catching up, a whole family enjoying nature.

Thank you, Seattle, for Greenlake!
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02 November 2010

Costume Party

Went to a Halloween Party on Sunday night. Too bad I didn't get photos of some of my favorite costumes: A whoopee cusion, a construction cone, a 70's lamp... It struck me that a costume party or other theme party is a great way to get people talking to each other.
  • "So... are you... Maaaaarrge... ?"
  • "Hey, watch out where you swing that sword!"
  • "Cool Minnie Mouse ears!"
  • "Um, who or what are you, exactly?"

But it's funny. It's nearly impossible to learn so many new names, so I tend to remember them by their costumes. ROBOT grew up in the Philippines; 30's DETECTIVE GIRL is training to work at a beauty salon; BUDDY THE ELF was the host; and so on.

One fun connection: WHOOPEE CUSION is currently studying marketing management, and wants to talk business with me about doing voiceovers! Cool.

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28 October 2010

1000 Pita Chips!

I worked with Wendi today at her bakery to help with with this huge order!


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27 October 2010


I carved a pumkin tonight, along with four friends...just in time for Halloween.
See Sam contemplating his design, my sketches beginning to come together in the foreground.

My finished lantern, inspired by the Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. (Hope to go next week to actually see it.)

And here's the entire lineup:

Happy Carving to all!
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29 September 2010

Climbing at the Red

Labor Day Weekend I got to go rock climbing at the gorge-ous Red River Gorge in central Kentucky.
After rapelling down an ampitheater (just dangling in mid-air, no wall to kick off of!) we finally found our climb. It took about 5 hours for the three of us to make it up the 4 pitches, but it was great!

Tony lead the trad climbs, I "cleaned," and Bob followed up the rear. I was glad these guys welcomed me on their trip, but I think I didn't spoil their fun too much!




My feet

The great lodge where we stayed. We slept in the dorm-style bunkbeds in the loft!
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09 August 2010

Cincinnati with my Kunming friends

Friends I met in China stopped by on a road trip! Here they are at Fountain Square.


Union Terminal.

Just love the design in this building.


I even got to play one of the pianos around town for the "Play Me, I'm Yours" gig.

(I also played one at Jungle Jim's and one at a Graeter's, too!)

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23 July 2010

Nature is fun!

This giant hibiscus (?) is only one of many blooms on this bush at my mom's place! She calls it her Jurassic Bush.

And then I couldn't get over how this grape stem looked like a creepy monster! I messed around taking a bunch of photos to get THIS one.

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09 July 2010


Lots of photos this time, so check out the album!
Be sure to read the captions to get the full effect.

Istanbul July 2010

30 June 2010

Warm English Home

I got to know this lovely couple through the church I attended while staying here... they invited us to a meal last Sunday and I took a few photos!






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17 June 2010

Malvern Hills, Worcestershire

Beautiful hills and green.


Paragliders hanging out.

Fresh spring water.


My friend Rachel among the bluebells.

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