30 October 2008

Two Men and a Truck

Saw one of these today, and I just had to say something...

In this era of sometimes over-feminism, it's refreshing to see evidence that some people still recognize that men and women are different!

Of course we have equal value; I don't doubt that God created both and both are "very good."

It's just that, I do think sometimes women don't just want to be equal to men, they want to be seen as men.

Well, when faced with a big move, would you hire "Two WOMEN and a truck?" Or maybe I should say "Two Womyn."

My thought is that, while the men would actually MOVE the furniture into the truck, the women might be handy for handling all the little details--cleaning your refrigerator until it shines like new, for example.

It is generally provable that men are physically stronger than women. And, possibly that women are emotionally stronger.

Each gender has many good qualities that are unique to that sex, and I for one appreciate them all.

If I ever hired someone to clean my house, it would probably be a woman. But for heavy lifting and loading of my furniture, I'm calling Two Men and a Truck!

BONUS: Not only are they strong; they care!

27 October 2008

Coolest Niece Ever

She's a typical 4-year old girl--loves to dress up like a princess and has a pink and purple room with a flowery bedspread. But, look underneath the covers and you'll find Star Wars Sheets!

Her Daddy, my brother, is a huge fan, but promises he didn't put her up to it. "She loves it!" He says. She's gonna be Princess Leia for Halloween.

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