22 April 2007

I'm Me--lti--ng!

Current temperature according to The Weather Channel:

102 degrees...feels like 110

I may have to turn on the A/C in my bedroom tonight!
I've done OK so far this year without it.

(Yes, folks, no central air here. With an A/C unit in my bedroom at least, I consider myself blessed!)

19 April 2007

Happy (Thai) New Year!

April 13-15 is Songkran, the Buddhist New Year.

It is celebrated in Thailand by sprinking, dousing or drenching your fellow man/woman/foreigner with water!

I celebrated in Lamphun (the next town south of Chiang Mai, with my Thai Language Teaacher and her kids...

...hoping it would be a little less crazy there!

08 April 2007


Beaten and crucified for the sins of mankind


giving New Life to all who seek it

* * * * *

No other god has a tombstone that reads:

No other.

JESUS: He is Risen Indeed.

01 April 2007

The Power of the Exchange Rate

The DOLLAR has seen a huge drop in the past 13 months:
Feb 2006 $1 = 39.34 THB
Mar 2007 $1 = 32.34 THB

This means that it costs about 20% more for me to live here NOW than it did in February of last year. Let me give you some real-life examples:

ITEMFeb 2006March 2007
Fried Rice$__.51$__.61
Bus to Bangkok__8.90_10.72

That's pretty incredible. A this rate, I'll need DOUBLE the amount of money to live on by about May 2010!