13 January 2007

The Longest Trip Ever (for me, anyway!)

I just returned from an unexpected trip to Ohio to see my family. It was so good to be with them, and to meet up with friends! I am thankful that it worked out!

The trip back was going to be long, I knew it. First, I already had 4 airports on the itinerary:
Cincinnati (CVG)
Los Angeles (LAX)
Taipei (TPE)
Bangkok (BKK)
...not to mention I still had to get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (CNX). I had planned to get my ticket when I arrived, in case there were any delays and such.

Well, I *did* find out before my trip that my LA to Taipei flight would be stopping (conveniently) in Anchorage (ANC)! That added another airport and a few hours to the trip. Since they didn't let us get off in Anchorage, I ended up being on that one flight for 17 hours, ugh!

Once in Taipei, I was happy that my next stop would be in Thailand. But why did the monitor say my flight was going to HONG KONG?? It was true. We were stopping in HKG on the way. If I made it through, I knew it would be a short 1-hour flight to Chiang Mai. I think I can I think I can...

Now, this is a busy tourist season in Thailand. I knew that, but upon arriving in Bangkok at 2pm, I thought surely there would be 2 seats on a flight before the end of the day! No such luck. There were NO flights to Chiang Mai that day.

Hopped on a taxi to the train station to book a seat/bed on one of the overnight trains... but they were full, too!

A tour agent found me looking distressed and said she MIGHT have seats on an overnight bus. Thankfully she did!

51 hours after I left my mom's house in Cincinnati, our bus pulled into Chiang Mai. I was so happy to be home at 4:30 am, and slept almost that whole day.

What a trip! I should have taken photos. But here's a visual aid of a different kind.


AD said...

Gotta look out for those hidden stopovers when the flight number doesn't change. Sorry for the long long day. Glad you made it back safe.

Rahel Thailand said...

oh may ...
that was longer than I thought it was as you told me all the stops!
That is a real nightmare!!!