11 February 2007

I Ate Bugs!

Yes, I ate a grasshopper at the Sunday walking market... also a little grub thingy. They weren't bad.


Laurie said...

Just wanted you to know: I miss you! And you inspire me with your grasshopper-eating. :) I'm glad you got to go see your family--sorry it was such a crazy trip back. Why couldn't one of those many, many stopovers have been in Seattle?!

Rahel Thailand said...

Hey KP!
You are toooooooo crazy for me!
Maybe I don´t want to go with you on holiday know ...I don´t want to eat such things all the time...iiiiihhhhh

carly smith said...

way to go karis!!! :) makes me think of dts... aww, dts! glad things are going well for you there!!

Erin Oppy said...

For some reason these photos reminded me of a photo I have of you with a dozen fireballs in your mouth! :) I saw Tangi at the CCU/KCU Basketball game, which was also Homecoming. My, that season seems so long ago! Anyway, hope you're doing well!