04 September 2007

Some Band Names

Ok, here's the follow-up I promised:

Heavy Metal= Medieval Weapon + President Name
Battleaxe Jackson; Catapult Pierce

Death Metal= Nickname + Internal Body Part
Snookum Spleen; Scar Mastoid

Alt/Indie Rock= an element + (part of) classic book title
Wind of the Baskervilles; Europium Gables

Country= City + Pet's Name
Rabbit Hash Rover; Tallahassee Yeller

HipHop= famous landmark + garden tool
Macchu Picchu Hoe; Taj Mahal Weeder

Boy Band= mode of transportation + flower name
Bowrider Cornflower; Skateboard Snapdragon

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How about
Crossbow Clinton
Tater Gut
Stinkin' Creek Sulley
Canyon Spade
Harley Rose

I don't know- I'm not too good at it! :o) KS