14 December 2007

Other sights north of Marblehead

Salem Witch Museum

Along the coast of New Hampshire (did you know New Hampshire had a coast? I didn't!)

A restaurant in New Hampshire--who knew?

Crossed the state line into Maine.

Funny story here. I was trying to take a good self-portrait and not doing very well when a man began to approach. I asked him, "Please, would you take my picture? It's my first time to Maine!" He kindly agreed, telling me that he is a native of Maine, and proceeded to point below the bridge to the boat he lived in. He told me about his work, gave me his card, and showed me how friendly...uh...Mainers? Mainians?...well, "people from Maine" can be.

Alas, his photo did not turn out at all, so this was the best I could do. =)

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Rex Cox said...

Very nice photos-