02 November 2010

Costume Party

Went to a Halloween Party on Sunday night. Too bad I didn't get photos of some of my favorite costumes: A whoopee cusion, a construction cone, a 70's lamp... It struck me that a costume party or other theme party is a great way to get people talking to each other.
  • "So... are you... Maaaaarrge... ?"
  • "Hey, watch out where you swing that sword!"
  • "Cool Minnie Mouse ears!"
  • "Um, who or what are you, exactly?"

But it's funny. It's nearly impossible to learn so many new names, so I tend to remember them by their costumes. ROBOT grew up in the Philippines; 30's DETECTIVE GIRL is training to work at a beauty salon; BUDDY THE ELF was the host; and so on.

One fun connection: WHOOPEE CUSION is currently studying marketing management, and wants to talk business with me about doing voiceovers! Cool.

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