04 December 2010

Social Dancing

Surely social dancing is one of the most delightful, wholesome settings in which to meet people! As a woman, it's wonderful to have multiple gentlemen asking you to dance in the evening. And I do say gentlemen because they will approach, ask if I wish to dance, and then escort me to an open space on the dance floor. I especially like it when the dashing man offers me the crook of his arm.

The dancing is fun, even though I'm just learning, and everyone is so happy, smiling, getting a workout...

Then the gentleman thanks the lady and escorts her back to where he first invited her.

Would that more men and women would learn dancing, and regularly particpate in such gatherings! The men get to dance with lovely ladies who will always say "yes" when asked, and the women get the pleasure of being invited to spend a few moments in the company of a dashing gentleman.

Seattle offers so many venues for social dancing and lessons! I hope to spend more time enjoying this lovely pastime here.

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