11 January 2011

Epic Road Trip with my Brother, October 2010

Back in October my brother Cason drove with me from Cincinnati to Seattle. A big thank you to my sister-in-law Danielle and the 3 kids for sparing him for 6 days! It was a very special time.

Mt. Rushmore, SD

The Badlands, SD

Devil's Tower, WY

At Yellowstone, Cason tried to catch a photo of this up-close bison, but we had the camera set on video!

Yellowstone, WY

For those who want to see more, here's the entire album.

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Gabrielle HyoEun said...

Hi Karis,
Viewed several of the photos while while contemplating life, work and etc. It sure is different seeing it through a friend than seeing it on tv or other ways. Thanks.