17 February 2011

It's official!

See here evidence that I (or at least my car) is now a resident of the great state of Washington!


I am awaiting my new driver's license in the mail, and soon will be a library card acquisition.

It's so strange how much this place feels like home, even with my family 2500 miles away (hello family! I love you!).

As a single adult in my 30's, it's not easy to figure out what or where is HOME. But for now, it's here in Seattle, where I have many wonderful friends, a church home, and gorgeous mountains to observe and to hike into.

Thank you, Lord, for making it possible for me to make a home here again. I look forward to another season in Seattle and all the fun annual or ongoing events around here. Such as:

Sharla's and Rachel's annual after-Christmas re-gifting party
Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
Sharla's annual spring clothing swap
Ferry rides
Bethany Community Church
Live music around the city
Seattle International Film Festival
Randomly running into people I know at Greenlake and elsewhere
Twisted Flicks
Beautiful sunsets
Gorgeous autumn weather
Great restaurants

...and so much more.
Hooray for Seattle!

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