20 March 2012

“Hello Again,” and Creativity

Hello again, enjoythescenery.  I’ve missed you.

I have also missed being more creative. I am hoping to take a Typography Level 2 class at a local art school. Had to send some samples. Flipping through my portfolio, I found Vivienne, my second-ever project using Adobe Illustrator. I like her. And for someone who has had a very small number of drawing lessons (I think 3), I can sort of draw!
 You can see a few more things here.

I have also been researching digital pianos for months. Bought one, had second thoughts, researched further, and I think it is going to be the Yamaha P-155. Oh, Yamaha. How I love your pianos.

After that, I really must find the right expression for singing, playing, just making music!

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