06 October 2006

Angkor What?

There was actually a restaurant by this name in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the base town for exploring Angkor Wat and the other ancient Temples of Angkor.

Seriously, though, I understood why this is considered SE Asia's greatest sight.

Built between the 9th and 13th centuries (or thereabouts), there are many impressive temples covering a large area. A 3-day pass was not quite enough to see everything! The temples were massive, built with large stones, with so many carvings and details. The area has become a bit touristy, but they don't have all the cool areas roped off like they might in the U.S. You can still feel like you are an explorer as you check out the various crumbling temples, climbing up steep stairways and scrambling over rock piles to get a good photo.

Ta Prohm, the one with all the tree roots taking over, was especially fascinating, And I like this shot of the Cambodian man carrying a monk on a scooter, racing into the modern era and away from the Old Ways.

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Holly Stephens said...

Hi Karis,
I love the tree root pix. I'm jealous of your access to Thai food (_good_ Thai food) -- east-central Indiana just isn't New Haven in that regard (or Seattle... or, um, Thailand)!