16 October 2006

My Many Names

Known to most of you as Karis, and by some as Aunt Ka-Ka or Zappy, here in Thailand I had to find a name that was easy for Thai people to say.

Thais generally go by their nicknames, so it is not strange at all to go by an easier name.

Thanks to Mr. Alan Galvez, and the people who subsequently started calling me by that name, I usually introduce myself here as "KP."

It is fairly easy to remember, but occasionally it morphs into K.T./Katie, Tepi (the Thai word for an angel-like creature, I think) and young boys especially like to call me KFC.

My Thai pastor has given me the Thai name Chabaa (hibiscus), so church people generally call me that.

Aunt Ka-Ka

Whatever you call me, I invite all friends and family to call me sometime. (hee hee)


Anonymous said...

You forgot one- wasn't it Karap? in college. And Carrots!
:o) Kimbutt

Cramp/Ni-Ni/Clyde/Crouton/Cling-Cling/Pee-rat said...

KFC!??! That's my favorite!

Karis said...

Kim-butt, thanks for reminding me of Ka-rap and Carrots. And Clint, I see you have quite the list of names as well. "Cramp" is still my favorite.