07 March 2007

Today in History

1973. I was born. (Thanks, Mom & Dad!)
And yes, I was bald until I was 2 years old.

Remembering the title of my blog, I resolve to ENJOY THE SCENERY of my life. Many things have turned out differently than what I imagined. It has been too easy at times to focus on the Don't-Haves:

  • NOT married

  • NO kids

  • NOT an astronaut, lawyer, or even a professional musician

  • NOT sure what the next year or two will bring

  • NOT a lot of close friends after being in Chiang Mai for 1 year

But, the more I think about it, there are lots of things That I HAVE experienced, things I DO have, and, even the "bad" things are worthy of thanksgiving.

  • I speak 3 languages

  • I have lived in many places, met many wonderful people

  • I have many good friends in the world

  • I have learned to depend on Jesus more because I don't have anyone else who goes everywhere with me

  • I love living in Chiang Mai

  • Email keeps me connected to my family and friends

  • I have witnessed the good works of the LORD in various places and in many people's lives, including mine

  • I have been spared the pain of a bad marriage

  • I can go rock climbing

  • All the beauy of nature is mine to behold and enjoy

  • Difficulties help me to relate to others and to know Jesus better

  • I have everything I need

I want to embrace my life and go forward hand in hand with Christ Jesus, my Savior and Lord.


Rahel Thailand said...

Happy Birthday Dear Karis!!
I am a little bit late but I want to wish you all the best to your Birthday!!
I hope you had a good day and a great littel party?!
Be blessed and I think of you!
RAHEL (Germany)

The Rupps said...

karis- i hope you had a happy birthday ( a little late!)
I am glad we got to see you in Thailand. It was fun to see you at work there and we all loved the vision of your organization.... so sorry we never connected again before we left, i wish we could have hung out a bit more! take care :)
love, amanda