16 March 2007

Birthday Photo

Blowing out the candles on my Birthday Apple Pie (thanks, Ruth!).
And no, I didn't get a tattoo. It was henna, and it already washed off.
I did really like it, though!


sam said...

Karis- i love your hair- it compliments you well! i'm excited for you being in thailand- i do miss it at times. take care!

Kristin said...

Aaaah, this is why I love blogs!! It's my favorite way to stay in touch and now I know you have one and am super excited!! Thought I'd wish you a belated happy birthday and check in on what's been going on in Thailand. Will definitely add you to my reading list. And I can't wait to hear all the crazy Karis and Rachel stories I know she'll be bringing back with her soon ;)

PS I LOVE the tattoo!

Kristin Brown