13 June 2007

Sing Sing Sing

Imagine a group of westerners, Thais and Japanese singing Showtunes under a Thai conductor and an American senior citizen pianist in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It might seem wild, but that's exactly what happened last Saturday! Here's the poster from our very fun concert:

Besides that, a fellow choir member introduced me to a really great jazz place. The musicians are outstanding, and last night was "open jam," so we tried singing a few tunes there! I don't really know many jazz songs, but we made the best of it and our accompanying musicians were great sports. Maybe I should study up on vocal jazz repertoire and try it again!

It's been good to sing again.


Laurie said...

That's great! Wish I could have been there. :)

cvoigt said...

Sounds like lots of fun!

-Cathy W.