27 June 2007

The Good King

One of my friends had trouble accessing YouTube a few months ago. Later, she found out that Thailand had BLOCKED it. Yes, the whole country lost access to YouTube!

Why this censorship? Someone had posted something that was very disrespectful of Thailand's King. They asked YouTube to remove it, and apparently they first refused to do so. (I believe it has since been removed.)

In a separate story, some Swiss man was apprehended after defacing images of the King. He was given 10 years in prison.

His Majesty pardoned him.

In a country where status and respecting the higher-ups is a very important value, these acts were completely out of line. I was especially angered by the Swiss man. Why would you live here and do something that was so disrespectful of the longest-reigning monarch, and one who the people TRULY LOVE with all their hearts?

Nevertheless, I was touched my the mercy shown by His Majesty. He vowed to "reign in righteousness" when he ascended the throne, and it seems he is upholding that promise as well as anyone could hope.

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