16 August 2007

Her Majesty the Queen in Chiang Mai

One Thai person wrote this:

"Wednesday night Queen Sirikit of Thailand visited Chiang Mai, attending a Christian funeral at the 1st Church of Chiang Mai. One of her beloved Christian workers in the Royal Project recently died of a car accident. The Queen was so touched to hear the Christians singing a song about Thailand and how the country was very dear to our hearts. She said she sensed how much the Thai Christians love the Nation of Thailand. I was blessed by her majesty's comment. I believed it was a real encouragement for her to see that at this very hour of all the killings going on in the southern provinces."

Also, "Buddhist activists, upon hearing Her Majesty the Queen's speech this past Saturday that Buddhism should be free of politics, have decided to stop their push to have the new constitution grant state religion status to Buddhism."

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