01 August 2007

Canvas on YouTube

My friend Dave has posted a performance of our old singing group, Canvas, singing "The Simpsons." Unfortunately, I am not in the video as that particular performance took place right after I left Seattle, but I did sing this many times with the group!

Alas, in Thailand YouTube is still blocked because the incident I describe in my entry The Good King, but I've heard it has received many good comments, so check it out: CANVAS singing "The Simpsons."

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BenMc said...

Hi Karis,
Did you know the new Simpsons movie has an a capella version of the old Spiderman theme song? It's my favorite part of the movie. Of course the lyrics are chaged so that it's about "Spider-Pig" but when I heard it I immediately thought of you for some reason -- and this reminded me why!

Something tells me Canvas will learn to sing this one. It can be heard on the Simpsons soundtrack page on Amazon, and the 30-second clip is long enough to get a good feel for the song ...

Yours, Ben