11 February 2008


Just had to get that out.

Some of you know how difficult it is for me to buy pants ("trousers" for REAL English speakers). They're never long enough, even the "talls."

Well, last fall I bought FIVE PAIRS at one store, an outlet store at that (not expensive!). The nicest, dressy pair (which are the hardest to find!) were a tad short but had a huge hem, so I decided to let it out. Almost did it myself, but thought, "Hey, I know this amazing tailor, why don't I just have her do it."

So, yeah, it only cost about $1.25. And, she SHORTENED them, rather than LENGTHENING them. Cut off the excess.

Yeah, it made me cry.

Then I pulled myself together, decided to use this pair as a pattern, and will eventually buy some material and have her make me some that really fit.



Rahel Thailand said...

Oh dear...that sounds not funny... you have to come to Germany.
At the moment I have the problem every pant I want to buy is meters to long.Let´s change - you can have the german one and I buy cheap one in Thailand =)

jared said...

it could be worse, you might have the problem to find pants long enough around the waist!!! take heart, i heard capris are coming back in style.