01 February 2008

Questions, Questions

I have some burning questions i don't know who to ask. I'd appreciate any direction.
Here are two of them:

1. Why are airplane seats soooo opposite of ergonomic correctness? Pushes your head forward and caves in at your lower back, rather that SUPPORTING the lower back and allowing you to REST your head at a comfortable angle. It can't be more expensive to change the SHAPE. One theory is that it encourages passengers to consider paying more for first class...

2. Why do women's pants increase in length with increasing size? Don't they know there are stocky, short people and skinny, tall people? I've been searching online for fleece pants, and some sizing charts have my LENGTH but only if I buy XL. What gives?


Arian said...

I just don't know, Karis. I guess it's all just the result of living in a fallen world. : )
By the way, is there a brand that fits you well in pants? If so, let me know the brand/size/style and I can keep an eye out for sales around here.

Anonymous said...

Another annoyance for those of us with long inseams, once you hit plus sizes (which I am nearly out of, by the way!! Go me!) the inseams start getting shorter again. Plus they add extra room in the hips and rear, of which I have none! To get anything to fit my oversized, tho not pregnant, belly, I have to take in 3-4 inches on each hip and thigh. As of right now, I have 7 pairs of slacks I need to alter, but have not gotten around to. No wonder I have nothing to wear! -Kathy E