04 April 2008

More Kathmandu

There are these yummy sweets made from milk, I don't know what they're called in Nepali, but Lisa tells me they're called "barfi" in India. Such a funny name! Well, it doesn't do what it sounds like it does. Anyway, Lisa was telling me about it, we spotted this shop, and the nice boy practiced his English with us and explained all about how it is made! He even agreed to a photo:

A little glimpse of the traffic in Thamel, the backpacker area of Kathmandu where we stayed. I love it, they honk their horns all the time, but my favorite are the rickshaw "horns". Sometimes it's a dish detergent bottle with a sqeaker attached; other times they just sort of whistle in a warbly sort of melody... I kept trying to imitate it and cracking up.

Some uniformed students in the old city of Bhaktapur:

And the kids are always cute:

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