31 March 2008


I got all choked up at the first view of the Himalayas from the airplane. Of course the photos I tried to take could not capture it.

The Kathmandu airport is red brick, it kind of reminded me of my high school. My friend Lisa was already there waiting, I was so thankful! She's been many times, but I was a bit hesitant. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but I came to really like this place and the people.

The Nepali people seemed to remember us even if we only saw one another one or two times. The guy making T-shirts just outside our guest house started saying "Namaste, didi!" or, Hello, older sister!

Here are some photos from Kathmandu.


Allie said...

So cool and beautiful! I have never been, but Lars spent some time rafting in Nepal (decades ago!) and fell in love with the place. I'm sure your pictures will take him back. Have a fun time, chickie!

PreacherMike said...

Cool! 3rd world is 3rd world, beautiful but sad at hopelessness. we saw the HIMALAYAS from the the air in Nov. 07.

dancinglife said...

Loved seeing these beautiful photos, Karis! Especially the one of the whole city at sunset. Wow.