05 November 2008

Emotional Election

Well, even if for a moment, something about BOTH candidates brought tears to my eyes.

OBAMA -- seeing all the black people for whom this is a HUGE step, considering the racial problems we've had for the past 200 years or so, slowly getting better but sometimes too slowly... I acknowledge that this is big. I didn't expect to get so teary-eyed over it, but when it was right there, happnening, I did feel this victory on behalf of all of my black (and other non-white) countrymen.

McCAIN -- hearing his gracious speech, remembering his heroism and how much he loves this country, knowing that was his last chance to win the White House... once again, I got tears in my eyes and felt thankful to him.

On a less sappy note, I've enjoyed playing with this interactive map, looking at the numbers...

I pray for our new president and our nation!


Rahel Thailand said...

I will pray, too.
It remembers me on Martin Luther King. His dream is or will come true!

Anonymous said...

i too, Will Pray for this Nation and the People. i hope that God will bring Spiritual Blessings to this wonderful Country.