26 November 2008

Ripples after nearly 30 years

It's a privilege to see the results of something you started nearly 30 years ago. A couple of months ago my mom and I visited our old church in Japan--the one my parents started back in 1981. Two people in particular stood out in terms of being an encouragement to my mom for the work she and my dad did all those years ago.

Ryo had just become a Christian 3 weeks before we met him.

"I'm so excited to meet the person who started this church. This place means so much to me."

And then there was Keiko-san.

She remembered a powerful image of my Dad on his knees, thinking he was alone, praying for Japan and weeping. It brought tears to her eyes several years after the fact.

I say these things to be an encouragement that the things we do MATTER, even if some of them take years to come about!

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Aimee Michelle said...

What a neat heritage & to be able to see the fruit from lives well lived! How cool will it be to see lives touched by you in Thailand and elsewhere!