29 January 2009

Snow Cream!

I took advantage of the abundance of snow the other day to make Snow Cream, from my Granny's recipe!

Since it was just two of us, I went for a half recipe.

I mixed together:
1 egg (first beat white, then add beaten yolk)
1/2 c sugar
1.5 T flour
1/2 small can evaporated milk
1 t vanilla
small can crushed pineapple

Then I brought in a dishpan full of the fresh snow (fresh is key--it doesn't work if it's old or icy).

I started stirring this snow into the above mixture, kind of fast to avoid meltage:

When the mixture can't "take" any more snow, you're done! I ate 4 bowls of it (drizzling some of the extra evaporated milk on top) and shivered for the next couple of hours--it's a lot colder than ice cream! Yummy, though.

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