17 June 2010

Malvern Hills, Worcestershire

Beautiful hills and green.


Paragliders hanging out.

Fresh spring water.


My friend Rachel among the bluebells.

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Dan Heeks said...

That's me standing near the left, with the white polyester top, talking to my friend Mike. They're nice hills here.

Karis said...

Hello Dan! Wow, that's amazing... How did you ever find yourself on my blog? If you see this, thanks for the entertainment that day, I was caught up in the excitement of the view, the sport, and the camaraderie among all of you. I never thought I'd know any of your names!

Dan Heeks said...

Mike sent me the link.
Mike's friend sent the link to Mike.
When I next see Mike, I'll ask him to ask his friend how he found it.
Most of the guys standing on the hill would have been happy to talk to you for hours about paragliding.
From Cincinnati your closest place to see paragliders again is probably all the way over in West Virginia. http://www.flywv.com/

Karis said...

Well, it's nice to know our interest would have been welcome...this is when I kick myself for being too shy. Now I'm curious to see if we can figure out the "six degrees of separation!" ;) I'm soon moving to Seattle; wonder if there are any out on the west coast.

Tessa said...

Paragliding available in Issaquah at Pilot's Peak. Also a decent day hike to the top to watch the flyers take off. ;) Let me know ... I'll go with you.

Karis said...

Tessa - WOW! Yes, let's go.