03 June 2010

More exploring

The Powder Room. Go here to get ready for a date or dressy event after work! They'll do your hair and makeup, and you can even borrow an outfit! The whole shop had a cute 50's look, even the stylists.

Wilty but kinda shabby chic flowers at a little Italian hole-in-the-wall

Tower Bridge. You can see the Tower of London (the 1000-year-old castle) in the far background.

Couple in the rain (photo by Doris)

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ML said...

What great pics! And what a great time you must be having! :)) God bless you Karis! :)))))))

Toy said...

I really love the picture with the couple in the rain and the London bridge in the background. Its so romantic.

Karis said...

Hee hee, yes, the couple in the rain is great... my friend Doris took it while we were getting soaked on our London outing... good times.