23 November 2006

Just another Lord's Day at Wat Hua Khuang

I'd like to tell you about my conversation last Sunday with Jajuu, the monk.

We were talking about Buddhism and reincarnation, about how doing good gets you a better position in your next life, and doing wrong sends you to a "worse" life. According to Jajuu, it is also possible that, if you sin a lot in one life, you might have to spend some time in hell paying for it, even before you are reborn. Then, when you are re-born, you'd probably find yourself more disadvantanged than in your previous life.


Later in our time together, he asked me how Christianity works, so to speak. I talked about how we have 2 kinds of life--physical (temporary) and spiritual (eternal), and that in our eternal lives, we can only be with God if we are sinless. Since no one is sinless, Jesus paid for our sin on our behalf (contrast this to the person in his story above, who had to put in his time in hell) so we could go to him for help and be washed clean.

He spent a lot of time reflecting on this. Eventually he asked, "Why did God make it so easy?"

Why indeed?

I had never pondered this question myself.

In that moment, the answer washed over me and sent the tears flowing... creating an uncomfortable scene for my Thai friend, as Thais dislike emotional outbursts. Thankfully Jajuu is a patient, kind person.

So. Why is it so easy? God could have made it really difficult to pay back all our sins. But he didn't. He made it really easy for us because he wants us to be with him so badly. He is so good, so full of grace, so giving, so full of true love, that he made it that easy.


Jajuu declared, "I learned a lot about Christianity today." And my relationship with God grew stronger, too.

Yep. Just another Lord's Day at a Buddhist Temple in Thailand.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping me up to date with your blog. isn't the internet amazing. i'm glad things are going so well for you in thailand, that you are being a blessing. hope you had a phenomenal thanksgiving...... it's easy to wonder how great god is because of such and such problem, but when you think about it, reflect on it, as i did today, it blows my socks off at everything he has blessed me with! hope your socks are blessed off today too!!