29 November 2006

Motorbikes and chains (as in "franchises")

Apparently you're supposed to change the oil EVERY MONTH on a motorcycle or scooter. (Sorry, Little Red, my set of wheels, for leaving you drowning in your oil for so long!)

Thailand is the world's top importer of these convenient little vehicles. Here is a photo of some of them parked outside of Starbucks.

And yes, Chiang Mai has at least 2 Starbucks, although the prices are waaaaay over the heads of local people, so I try not to go there. I want to make a statement about overly expensive chains spreading out all over countries that have lots of other good things to offer without tempting the youth with luxurious items they can ill afford.

As another example, Thais make really good fried chicken, but the young people would rather go to KFC. It's more expensive but is not as fresh, and it just makes some big shot in America richer. I'd rather support the locals, and would love to see the tourists do the same!

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