07 November 2006

Loi Krathong

What a pretty holiday!

I enjoyed watching the festivities from the Riverside Restaurant here in Chiang Mai. A krathong is a little boat make from flowers and banana leaves, and also has a candle or incense. It is floated down the river as a prayer.

Often a guy and a girl who like each other will float one together, meaning they will be lovers in this life or a future life.

People also light a fire under paper lanterns, floating them up to the sky. So many of them! The full moon, the sky full of lanterns, relaxing along the river... it was so nice!

Fireworks were going off everywhere, too. It was really festive, since anyone could buy them and set them off (even the big ones!). However, I was a bit fearful of being hit by one as I walked home that night!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Karis,

Just wanted to let you know I love your blog! The pictures from "Loi Krathong" are just beautiful.
-Cathy Wright