10 March 2008

A little creepy but turned out fine

Lisa and I were looking for a particular trekking agency here in Kathmandu. We were in the general area. A guy at a pizza shop said, "Sorry I don't know...Oh, yes, I know. Over there."

[side note: The people here are so nice.]

So we went that way. One lane had lots of trekking agency signs, but not the one we were looking for. We headed down the lane in faith, and kept asking people every few steps. They kept pointing us back to this suspicious building at the end of that alley.

Some guy in military clothes (not unusual, lots of soldiers around) finally pointed us through an unmarked door, and once inside, another directed us up the stairs. We came up to a room with 4 guys at computers who kind of looked at us blankly, and cautiously ventured, "Helllloooo... is this Green Lotus Trekking?"

I felt like Eunice on What's Up, Doc, when she was directed to 459 Dorilla street and asked, "This isn't the... Larrabee... Those are Howard's Rocks! What on earth are you doing with Howard's rocks? Errhhhuahhh..."

Thankfully, THIS was legit, they had just moved and not gotten proper signage. The guy was very nice, helpful, and nothing scary at all happened.

Pretty funny experience, anyway!

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dancinglife said...

Reminds me of a suspicious alley in Calcutta. Glad it turned out alright.