11 March 2008

NO? no, YES!

Nepalis do this cute little head bobble when they are saying "yes." Think of asking someone if you can do something, they don't really want you to, but can't really say no, so they sort of do this "yeah, whatever, not really" kind of head jiggle thing. It's kind of like that.

I'm glad Lisa told me what it meant. Even after she told me, I forgot. I asked the guy at our guest house, "We'd like to pay for our stay tonight. Can we pay now?" He bobbled his head, and I was like, "No? OK, maybe later..." and Lisa had to remind me, "That means YES!" Right. OK. Here you go. Whew!


Rahel Thailand said...

Nice storys =)
I enjoy reading your blog!
Keep on writing

dancinglife said...

I remember being confused by that in India. Seems so non-committal. Then you realize... So important to learn those different cultural cues! I like the head bobble after all. :)

Suzanne said...

The head bobble :)
I found your blog through Melissa L.
Yes I was quite confused a few times in India by this.

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