26 March 2008

My Trek in Numbers

Number of days trekking14
Total distance trekked95km/59mi (?)
Lowest elevation in the mountains2652m/8700ft
Highest elevation I slept at4750m/15,584ft
Highest elevation I climbed to5357m/17,575ft
Herds of yaks or yak-cows we passed on the trailabout 40
Cups of hot drinks imbibedat least 70
Number of showers taken0
Number of times I washed my hair1
Number of They Might Be Giants Songs we sang12
Coldest temperature I noted in my bedroom in a lodge29F/-2C
Moments of beauty and wondercountless


BenMc said...

Hey, Aidan can go hiking with you sometime. He probably knows at least 75% of the They Might Be Giants songs you sang. Now the walking part ... we'll work on that.

Arian said...

Very very cool--thanks for the postcard cuz : )

D,A,H, and J